Bumps or humps? Milford wants to calm traffic on borough’s ‘speedway’

Milford. A engineer will determine the location of humps or other traffic-slowing devices on Seventh Street.

| 01 Oct 2021 | 12:32

The Milford council discussed ways to calm the traffic zipping though “the borough’s speedway.”

At their Sept. 14 meeting, the council discussed installing bumps, humps, and pedestrian walkways — devices used to slow traffic — on Seventh Street. Third Street was also likened to a racetrack.

The council is leaning toward the installation of two humps and a pedestrian walkway. Each hump will cost around $3,000. Budgeted money is available to pay for them, the council said.

According to the Traffic Safety Blog, speed humps are used for 10-to-15 mph speed zones, and “creates a gentle rocking sensation in a car passing over it at the posted speed limit,” while speed bumps are higher and “more aggressive,” used in places “where pedestrians and cars share space closely” forcing motorists to slow down to 2 to 10 miles per hour.

In planning for safety, an engineer will do an assessment to determine the best location.

The intersection of Catherine and High Streets were named as possible locations for humps.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation identified police enforcement as the number one deterrent to control traffic and ensure safety. But in the borough, with one officer, law enforcement isn’t an effective option.

A traffic study, funded by NEPA, is now in progress in the borough, with the final report still months away.

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The Zombie Fun Run: The run starts at 8:45 a.m. on Oct. 23 behind Key Foods. Runners then turn right onto Elderberry Alley and cross over Seventh Street with the help of police support. They will continue on West High Street, turning right onto Raspberry Alley, and then right onto West Catherine Street, finishing at the rear of Key Foods.
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Street lighting: Two-thirds of all old-style bulbs will be replaced with less-expensive LED bulbs in existing street lamps to make the historic district shine.
Cherry Alley: A stormwater study will determine how to address flooding at the end of Cherry Alley, which occurs even after minor rains.