Chiming away

| 12 Mar 2015 | 02:26

By Gina Hanlon
Hi. My name is Gina Hanlon. I am in 5th grade at Delaware Valley Elementary School. I am in Chimes, a musical group that is open to fifth graders in my school chimes. Chimes are lots of fun.

I am guessing you are wondering what chimes are. Well I’ll tell you. Chimes are a type of bell that produces musical tones when you strike it to ring. If you do Chimes, Ruth Sweeney is your teacher. Chime ring high, in the middle and very low. They sound really cool.

Also, in music you need good behavior to be in Chimes.

I hope that what you read makes you want to be in Chimes.

Don’t forget you have to have a good behavior. Not only in chimes but having a good behavior to everyone and being kind, polite and having good manners is always good, too!