Court grants protection order to animal shelter worker

| 15 Jul 2021 | 08:22

Milford. A Pike County Humane Society employee was granted the protection order she sought against its director, Barry Heim.

Selina McGinnis accuses Heim of sexual assault and harassment. At the Pike County Courthouse in Milford on Wednesday, as this paper goes to press, 17 supporters, including humane society employees, volunteers, and board members, came to support McGinnis, more than the 11 who turned out when she filed her request before Judge Kelly Gaughan last month.

McGinnis and Heim both signed the order for protection of victims of sexual violence. It stipulates that Heim will not have contact, either direct or indirect (through others, verbally), with McGinnis. The agreement expires on Oct. 14. The agreement also states that Heim denies all charges and admits to no wrongdoing.

The prothonotary’s office said Heim is responsible for paying the costs and fees: $128.75 in filing fees to be paid to the prothonotary’s office and a $85.80 service cost to be paid to the sheriff’s office.

At last month’s hearing, Heim told the Courier, “It’s nonsense. I’m not capable of it. It’s a power play on her part. She wants control. I can’t say any more.”

McGinnis is being represented by attorney Jeffrey L. Earline, who provides legal representation for cases handled by the Victims’ Intervention Program of Wayne and Pike Counties. Heim was represented by Matthew Galasso, a Milford lawyer with a practice in criminal defense and family law.