Delaware Valley Elementary holds annual Spelling Bee

Milford. The overall winner was Eddie Arias.

| 11 Jan 2024 | 11:24

Delaware Valley Elementary School recently held its annual Spelling Bee competition. This year, Delaware Valley School Superintendent Dr. Brian Blaum acted as the announcement/producer and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jayson Pope and Victoria McNeely, the director of elementary education/technology, were the judges.

A total of 32 students participated in the spelling bee at DVES. They include Anthony Antolino, Eduardo Arias, Grayson Barry, Scarlett Boyle, Rudra Desai, Devlen Dorcas, William Gallagher, Juno Gara, Aria Gonzalez, Mila Gonzalez, Jodie Harrison, Scarlett Homer, Norah Jaludi, Cameron Mady, Richard Mai, Mackenzie McAdam, Avery McNeely, Nicholas Montevechi, Kate Montgomery, Jameson Morgan, Aayushi Patel, Sanvi Patel, Owen Pavinich, Stephon Petrakian, Rachel Phlanz, Sarina Santini, Ashlyn Schuller, Layla Snyder, Jason Stierle, Bailey Sweeney, Jovey Thiele, and Colton Voelker.

The overall winner was Eddie Arias, with second place going to Mackenzie McAdam.