DV elects new board

| 21 May 2015 | 12:05

    By Anya Tikka
    Delaware Valley School District voters elected six school board directors on Tuesday in a "primary" which worked more like a general election since all of the candidates ran on both the Democratic and Republican lines. There is still the possibility for write-in candidates in the November election.

    Five of the directors were elected to four-year terms with one elected to a two-year term.

    Voters re-elected Brian Carso, John Jack O'Leary, Chuck Pike and John Wroblewski, while ushering in new directors Dawn Bukaj and Cory Homer.

    Bukaj, Carso, Homer, O'Leary and Wroblewski won four-year terms on the board by defeating John Allen, Carl Will and Michael Pfaeffle.

    Pike won his two-year term by defeating Christopher Fernandez.

    O'Leary earned the most votes, with 1,904. a total of 1904 votes.

    “I think it’s a great honor to be able to be recognized both by the Democratic and Republican parties,” O’Leary said in a phone call. “It shows my message is getting through.”

    O’Leary doesn’t expect any further oppositon on any other party lines.

    O’Leary has been critical of the district’s spending on new buildings, the allocation of funds, and increasing taxes. He voted against the board’s new budget.

    In contrast, Carso and Wroblewski supported the board’s new budget which will raise taxes by 2.27 percent.

    The new board will start in the beginning of December. The existing board directors Jack Fisher, Pam Lutfy, and Jessica Decker will also continue on the board.