DVE-News/TV reporters delve into new Dunkin Donuts in Port Jervis

| 27 Apr 2022 | 10:45

When DVE-News/TV reporters arrived at the Dunkin Donuts, they were met by District Manager Dipa Patel. Ruchit started off the interview. The grand opening was held last Friday. Many people were in attendance. She said it was a great opening and that she has been working with Dunkin Donuts for seven years.

Mrs. Patel told Peyton that she loves the job for the donuts and the coffee. Her favorite coffee to make is iced coffee. The hardest part of her job is to find employees.

Corey learned that if an order is made incorrectly, the employees apologize to the customer and promise it will not be done again. The weirdest thing on the job is when customers come in asking for items that are on the McDonald’s or Starbucks menu but not on the Dunkin menu. Mrs. Dipa Patel then introduced us to the franchisee, Ms. Mittal Patel. Mrs. Patel had been working for Dunkin Donuts since she was 15 years old. They both agree that they prefer the new Dunkin Donuts to the old.

Eva was told that Mrs Dipa Patel’s favorite donut is the Boston Kreme. The newest food item is the chocolate filled croissant. She decided to work there because of franchisee Mittal Patel, and she loves the coffee and donuts. A district manager makes sure that everyone has the right training and that the managers are doing their job. She mentioned that about 1,000 customers come to this Dunkin Donuts per day.

Mrs. Patel told Eva that the Dunkin Donuts in Port Jervis is currently hiring but you must be at least 15 years old to work there.

Rocco learned that it took about 6 months to build this new building. Mrs. Patel did say that they make their own bagel dough. Mrs. Patel manages seven Dunkin Donuts buildings. This donut shop has about twenty-eight employees.

After the interview, Mrs. Patel invited us to stay for lunch and a donut. The DVE news team thanks Mrs. Patel and everyone at the Dunkin Donuts in Port Jervis, New York for their time and generosity.