DVE-News/TV reporters seek the truth about pottery

Dingmans Ferry. Delaware Valley Elementary students interview Jacklyn Scott of Craft Into Art.

| 07 Feb 2023 | 02:05

On a rainy day, the DVE-News/TV reporters set out to interview Miss Jacklyn Scott of Craft Into Art in her Dingmans Ferry studio.

Taryn started off the interview. Miss Jacklyn said she had been doing ceramics since she was very young. Her favorite piece she has ever made was a beautiful green vase that she showed us in the studio. She wanted to become an artist because her mom got her into it when she was young. Her newest piece of art was a very large unfired vase and her best-selling piece of art is mugs. As she said, everyone loves mugs.

She said she was inspired to open Craft into Art because she is passionate about art. She just opened the studio in 2021 and opened the doors for lessons about four months ago.

She loves making art in her free time. When asked if there was a difference between pottery and ceramics, she said there is a subtle difference. Pottery can be more necessity type objects, such as plates, bowls, mugs and cups.

She went to the Tyler School of Art in Temple University in Philadelphia. She majored in art.

Pottery and teaching

She loves making pottery and teaching classes. She loves teaching pottery the best. The amount of time it takes to complete a ceramic depends on skill level and size.

To complete a mug from beginning to end can take approximately one to two weeks. Besides lessons and classes, she offers firing services for those who need a kiln.

Although she enjoys all art forms, she feels the hardest artwork form to do is metal working and jewelry. Her least favorite art form is woodworking because of using power tools.

If she wasn’t an artist today, she would choose to be a baker. When drawing she prefers line drawing.

From mugs to pottery plates

The most valuable piece of equipment in her studio is the pottery wheel. Her most favorite craft and most requested craft to make with others is a mug. The easiest craft to make is a mug, the hardest to make is a vase and pottery plates.

Her favorite piece of art made by someone else is a vase that her friend made.

For her classes, all she requires you to bring is a towel and themselves. When students go there for classes, they keep the items they made. Miss Jacklyn has three different varieties of clay in her studio.

She showed us how to make a plate, a vase and a mug.

A special plate

After lunch, we got to design our mugs with underglaze and stamping and added handles.

The special plate that Miss Jacklyn made for us was decorated with DVE-TV and all our names. We thank her for everything she did in letting us visit and interview her. It was warm and cheery in the studio even if it was dark and gloomy outside.