Fifth grade news program, in 32nd year, is ‘legacy’ media

Milford. These budding reporters want to keep school media alive.

| 20 Nov 2023 | 11:22

Dressed in their trademark red T-shirts and khaki pants, fifth grade reporters from Delaware Valley Elementary School’s DV-TV and DV News presented highlights of their programs to the school board on Thursday, Nov. 16. The pair of programs — a morning news TV segment shown in classrooms schoolwide, and a monthly online newspaper — are in their thirty-second year.

A few reporters are “legacies,” as school board member Corey Homer put it, with parents who participated when they were in elementary school. “I’ve been part of Delaware Valley since kindergarten and I just remember being around the program,” said Homer.

A slide show of on-location interviews from past years played in the background, including interviews with West Point cadets, at a homestead bio dome, a wolf sanctuary, and 9/11 memorial ceremony. The students hoped the journalism program would expand into the middle school, said reporter Kai Gara, 11.

“It sounds like maybe we should do something like this in the middle school,” said school board member Brian Carso, whose high school kids went through the program. “Let us work on that a little.”