Fifth grade reporters grill Straus News staff

Matamoras. Student reporters from Delaware Valley Elementary visit Straus News office for pizza and interviews on Feb. 1

| 01 Feb 2024 | 11:39

Seven fifth-grade reporters from Delaware Valley Elementary School visited the Straus News office on Feb. 1, where they interviewed members of the staff – and the staff, of course, interviewed them – followed by pizza in the conference room.

The DV News team, in their signature red shirts and khakis, interviewed Pike County Courier Editor Lisa Reider, and Dirt magazine Editor/Publisher Becca Tucker (mother of one of the DV-News reporters). The students asked questions that they had prepared, and when they get back to school, they will work together with their advisers to write a story for their online newspaper, Delaware 411.

Director of Ideas Molly Colgan and Publisher Jeanne Straus, along with Reider and Tucker, then interviewed the students about the food in the cafeteria. Pizza this year leaves something to be desired but chicken patty gets a big thumbs-up from Marco Sciascia; Lily Mang recommends the walking tacos, while Eddie Arias goes for the mac and cheese. The group also discussed the pressure of school and particularly tests (fractions are hard!), new playground safety rules (no running this year on the playground after some student injuries), and what the students want to be when they grow up: a TV news anchor, singer, judge, teacher, truck driver, news entrepreneur, and a librarian.

The visit was the latest of about a dozen on-location interviews undertaken this year by the the DV News team, led by Peg Snure and Debera Arnita.