Grey Towers Heritage Association has new president and acting director

Members of Grey Towers Heritage Association will hold a welcoming ceremony on Friday, June 3 for their two new officers.

| 27 Apr 2022 | 10:44

The Greatest Good Legacy Continues

Gifford Pinchot, a previous Pennsylvania governor, is known to have said: “The vast possibilities of a great future will become realities only is we make ourselves responsible for that future.”

With that intent, the Grey Towers Heritage Association chose their new President, Eileen Smith, and the new Acting Director, Tinelle Bustam.

Eileen Smith and her husband, Scott, relocated to Milford in 2018 and became involved in a variety of community efforts. She joined the Milford Enhancement Committee and coordinated the annual Milford Community Clean-up Day and Welcome Party. She is also co-chair on the Advisory Council for GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center.

Recently, she was elected as chair of the Grey Towers Heritage Association.

“I have a great interest in the history and achievements of the Pinchot family and admire their deep sense of civic responsibility,” she said. “I also hold a deep gratitude for the U.S. Forest Service’s dedication and preservation of the Grey Towers National Historic Site and the Pinchot legacy.”

Dr. Tinelle Bustam accepted the position of acting director for Grey Towers effective May 30. She is currently director of Conservation Education in the Washington office, and she will continue to serve concurrently in this role. She holds a Master of Science in Recreation, Parks and Sport Management. She also has a commitment to the legacy of Gifford and Cornelia Pinchot and their influence on Milford, conservation and ecology, as well as the desire for connection between the Forest Service and local and regional communities.

Members of Grey Towers Heritage Association will hold a welcoming ceremony on Friday, June 3rd. For information on how to become a member, please visit