Humane society workers clean up

Shohola. The people who work at the Shohola shelter apply themselves to the never-ending task of keeping the place spiffy.

| 01 Sep 2021 | 04:34

The people who work at the Pike County Humane Society, including one newly hired employee, are friendly and welcoming — and hard working. On a recent day at the shelter, everyone was busy cleaning the cat and dog areas, and even a pigeon’s cage.

Several members of the staff were not feeling well, but came to work anyway because they knew the facility was short-staffed. One staff member was away tending a sick mother.

Without the volunteers to clean and help, without others to make runs to the veterinarian as needed and without others to pick up injured animals in the middle of the night, the facility would not run smoothly, many staff and volunteers said.

Some dogs are confined in cages while others roamed freely within the confines of the grounds.

Not all critters are welcome: mice traps were placed all around the area.

The shelter is located at 189 Lee Road in Shohola. To support the humane society through volunteering or donations, or to learn about the animals up for adoption, call 570-296-7654 or visit