Kids have a blast at DV-Ace Day Camp Science Week

Milford. Children had plenty of summer fun while doing experiments and learning about nature.

| 13 Aug 2019 | 03:36

The DV-Ace Day Camp had a blast during Science week.

They completed many fun experiments, like making catapults, lava lamps, and even rockets

Park rangers from the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River taught them about the white tailed deer, bees, and other treasures of the natural world. There was a lot to learn.

As the summer heat continued, the fun never ended. The campers went from activity to activity. They learned how to play kickball and soccer, took nature hikes, played Red Robin, and had a leap frog race. When the heat gets to be too much, they took water breaks in the shade.

Every afternoon, the campers got an hour of swim time in Delaware Valley High School pool. Every child was swim-tested to swim without floats.

When the weather turned to thunderstorms, the campers got to play the competitive Kahoot Science game. What a hoot!