Local election results

MILFORD. Unofficial results are in for the competitive races of Pike County commissioner, Delaware Valley school board, and Matamoras borough mayor.

| 08 Nov 2023 | 01:52

Pike County commissioner (top 3 win)

Matthew M. Osterberg (R) 6,903

Ronald R. Schmalzle (R) 6,319

Christa Caceres (D) 5,172

R. Anthony Waldron (D) 4,232

Delaware Valley school board (vote for 5)

John Jack Fisher (D, R) 3,586

Brian Fells (R) 3,564

Rosemary A. Walsh (D) 3,473

Christine Agron (D, R) 3,421

Brian Carso (D) 3,186

Dawn Bukaj (D, R) 3,088

Carl Will (R) 3,367

Matamoras borough mayor

Cory Homer (R) 401

Lena Marinaro (D) 214