Milford Borough Council rings in the new year with appointments

Milford. Newly elected councilmembers were sworn in during the reorganization meeting.

| 03 Jan 2024 | 12:55

The Milford Borough Council on Tuesday welcomed its newly elected members, reaffirmed current members and renewed appointments of Borough officials, newspapers, banks, committee members, and other officials to help carry out the work of the Borough and help it to run smoothly. Indeed, this reorganization meeting, held the first working day of January, provided the infrastructure to have the Council complete its mission of representing the Milford Borough residents and property owners. (It may be surprising to know that 50% of people living in Milford Borough are renters.)

Newly re-elected Council President Joe Dooley conducted the meeting, introduced the new council members, and welcomed back the current ones. Newly elected council members include Sharmie Ford and Rich Provenzano, while Pete Coony and Joe Dooley were re-elected.

In addition to Dooley being named president, Maria Gordon Farrell was named borough council vice president, George Lutfy was named president pro-tem, Luke Turano was named vacancy board chair, and Francesca Lombardo was named secretary/treasurer.

Dooley called upon Lombardo to review the budget for 2024. The new budget is balanced with a $47,000 surplus from 2023. Dooley announced that property taxes would be reduced commensurate with the increase in water rates due to issues surrounding the aquifer.

Dooley, who is well-known for conducting rapid-fire, efficient meetings, was surprised that this meeting was completed in a record 21 minutes. In closing, he said, “I look forward to working with this newly organized borough council to serving our community in 2024.”