Milford. News from the Pike County Commission

| 25 Jul 2023 | 11:28

    During the Pike County Commissioners meeting on July 17, events were announced for the upcoming weeks going in August.

    There will be a concealed carry seminar on Thursday, Aug 17. The seminar will be held at Dingmans Township Park from 6 to 8 p.m.

    There will also be the ninth annual Elder Justice Day, which will be held at the Matamoras Senior Center that is located at the Matamoras Firehouse on Tuesday, Aug. 22, according to Tracy Simon, an elder abuse investigator for the Pike County Aging Office.

    “This year our focus is on self care and cyber security,” Simon said. “COVID left a large amount of our senior population confined to their homes and away from their activities. We would like to senior back out into the community and recognize the symptoms of self neglect.”

    The goal is to educate seniors on what could be considered self-neglect, such as not taking medication that has been prescribed, not going to the doctor and lack of personal care. There will be vendors there to talk about self care.

    The other goal is focusing on cybersecurity due to the large amount of people being scammed through their computers. This year there were five cases that totaled more than a million dollars in money that was scammed and those who were will not get that money back.

    The event’s speakers will educate seniors on how to identify those silent threats and how to keep their finances secure according to Simon.

    - Megan Carlson