Mystery surrounds status of new humane society director

| 15 Sep 2021 | 03:20

Shohola. Three anonymous sources close to the Pike County Humane Society who wish to remain anonymous told the Courier that the newly hired director, J. Michael Freeman, has resigned from his post.

The Courier has not been able to verify this development. Freeman, who was set to begin work on Sept. 8, said on Wednesday that he had no comment at this time and hung up.

The humane society’s attorney, Eric Hamill, did not return an email from the Courier requesting comment.

The three anonymous sources said Freeman wanted to make changes that the humane society board didn’t want, so he quit. They also said he told them he would return if there was a new board in place.

Freeman replaced the embattled former director, Barry Heim, who left the position earlier this summer.

A few weeks ago, Freeman told the Courier he considered his hire a new chapter for the humane society. “It’s a new start,” he said.