National Park Service seeks proposals to tease two historic properties in the Delaware Water Gap

Bushkill. The two properties are: Cliff Park Inn and Dingmans Dutch Reformed Church.

| 25 Jan 2023 | 12:43

The National Park Service (NPS) has issued Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to lease two historic properties in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Cliff Park Inn and Golf Course, just south of Milford, along State Route 2001, is offered under a lease term of up to 60 years.

Dingmans Dutch Reformed Church, in Dingmans Ferry, along U.S. Highway 209, is offered under a lease term of 10 years.

The opportunity to submit a proposal to lease either of these two properties is competitive and is open to all interested persons and businesses.

“Leasing is a preferred use of historic buildings and properties in the park because it provides for occupancy, upkeep, and preservation and can also generate revenue that is put back into maintaining the historic properties and managing the leasing program,” said Doyle Sapp, Superintendent. “It is, however, a complex process that requires substantial oversight by the NPS and often a substantial commitment from the lessee.”

Cliff Park

The Cliff Park lease includes a hotel, restaurant, 9-hole golf course, and associated outbuildings across 50 acres. NPS will accept proposals to lease the entire property; to lease the golf course and outbuildings alone; or to lease the entire property plus an additional residence and garage on an adjacent 2-acre parcel. Lessees may use the property for commercial or residential purposes, provided the use is in accordance with federal, state, and local law. The lessee must maintain and operate Cliff Park Golf Course as a golf course. The lessee will be responsible for the cost and implementation of all repairs, replacements, and improvements needed to occupy the buildings including items such as roof replacement, septic replacement, carpentry repairs, and addressing fire and life safety code issues.

Dingmans Dutch Reformed Church

The Dingmans Dutch Reformed Church lease includes a church and carriage shed on 0.5 acres. The church is currently used as a residence and may continue to be used as such. The carriage house, currently used as an antiques store, may be used for commercial or storage purposes. The lessee will be required to pay for all utilities and perform routine maintenance, and NPS will maintain responsibility for repair or replacement of major components of the buildings and property such as roofs and heating systems.

Lease proposals will be evaluated on overall merit. Evaluation criteria include compatibility of the proposed use of the property with respect to preservation, protection, and visitor enjoyment of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area; how well the proposed use would protect the historic qualities of the property; and the bidder’s financial capability of carrying out the terms of the lease.

Information on the properties, leasing terms and conditions, and information on submitting proposals can be found at

Deadline for submissions

Proposals for Cliff Park must be submitted by March 25, and proposals for Dingmans Dutch Reformed Church must be submitted by Feb. 23. Appointment-only site tours will be held on Feb. 7 at Cliff Park and Feb. 8 at Dingmans Dutch Reformed Church. To request an appointment for a site tour, or to ask questions about the leasing process or properties, email

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