New chess table at Biddis Park welcomes all players

Milford. Check mates: The steel and stainless steel table was designed by Robert Alliano and crafted by Gary Reiff.

| 07 Oct 2019 | 02:49

Mid-morning on Sunday, Sept. 29, Delaware Valley math teacher Kevin DeVizia and Councilman Luke Turano met to play the first official chess game on the newly installed table at Biddis Park in the heart of beautiful downtown Milford.

The steel and stainless steel table designed by Robert Alliano was meticulously crafted by Gary Reiff, owner of Perks Welding in Port Jervis, N.Y. The table was commissioned by the Milford Borough Council.

Permanently affixed beneath the shade of one of the park’s mature evergreens, this new attraction promises to be a welcome addition for anyone who enjoys the game.

Players are advised to bring their own chess pieces. But they just might find a worthy opponent sitting patiently on one side of the table.

"As proved by evidence, chess is the only game that belongs to all people of all ages; to slay boredom, to sharpen the senses, to exhilarate the spirit." -- Stefan Zweig.