New Hotel Fauchère Fund opens at Greater Pike Community Foundation

| 02 Jan 2019 | 03:05

— The Greater Pike Community Foundation has announced the opening of the Hotel Fauchère Fund.
The charitable fund was created by the Fauchère’s owner, Sean Strub, to support civic engagement, historic preservation, social justice, health care, and cultural endeavors in the greater Pike region.
“The Hotel Fauchère is a central landmark in downtown Milford and represents both Pike’s rich historical past and its vibrant new future,” said Jenni Hamill, executive director of the foundation. “It is a perfect name for a fund that will support activities ranging from historic preservation to current cultural endeavors and much, much more. I feel that by opening this fund, Sean is inspiring local philanthropists to consider how they will choose to support our community. For good. Forever.”
The hotel already supports more than 100 local fundraising efforts each year with products or gift certificates.
"The establishment of the Hotel Fauchère Fund will allow us to eventually be able to provide modest cash grants as part of our support of the community,” said Strub.
He said the fund will be supported by commissions from the sale of paintings in the Fauchère Gallery, fees he receives for performing marriage ceremonies in his role as Milford’s mayor, and fundraising efforts undertaken by the hotel and its staff.
For information on making a contribution to the new Hotel Fauchère Fund, or to learn how to open a fund of your own, contact Hamill at 570-832-4686 or, or visit