Nielsen Ford delivers over 150 high end meals to hospital workers

Sparta. Nielsen Ford delivered more than 150 meals from Mohawk House to Newton Memorial Hospital workers.

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| 27 Apr 2020 | 01:27
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To say thank you to those working tirelessly on the front lines at Newton Memorial Hospital, Bill Snouffer, general manager at Nielsen Ford, partnered up with Mohawk House’s Steve Scro to send 150 gourmet meals to the hospital’s staff Thursday, April 23.

“I think it’s important to shine some light, however we can, in people’s lives,” says Snouffer.

The dishes, made from scratch at Mohawk House, provided hospital workers with elevated comfort food to fuel them through their shifts. Each contained Pat LaFrieda london broil with a garlic ginger Worcestershire sauce, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables.

Nielsen Ford sales manager Steve Romain made the delivery.

"Just doing the right thing for the people on the front lines, it means the world to us as a company," says Romain. "They were very, very happy...everybody that we came in contact with was like 'thank you,' 'thank you,' 'thank you very much.'"

How's business?

Both Mohawk House and Nielsen Ford have transformed their business models for now.

Mohawk House is now operating an outdoor marketplace, in addition to offering take out.

Nielsen Ford's service department is open. The dealership also revamped to sell and deliver cars in a totally touchless experience.

“We’ve had some very grateful customers,” says Snouffer.

Car sales are being made online, and paperwork is being processed while maintaining social distance.

“Listen, we knew the world was going there,” says Snouffer with regard to online car sales. “It just got there a little quicker than what we anticipated.”