Okay, we’ll bite: Complaint against Dr. Fauci filed in Pike County Court

Milford. It’s 219 pages long, and someone paid the filing fee. Is it just red meat for the media?

| 16 Feb 2022 | 07:47

An attorney who wishes to remain anonymous shared this information with the Courier: In the Pike County Courthouse on Feb. 16, “We the People” filed a 219-page civil complaint, docket number 189-2022, against Anthony Fauci, et al., for “class action crimes against humanity, etc.”

The “et al.” includes Alex Azar, the Secretary of Health and Human Services under former President Trump; Moderna and Pfizer drug companies; and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, among others.

The anonymous attorney called the complaint frivolous. Without a named plaintiff and a named attorney representing all parties, a complaint isn’t a lawsuit, the attorney said.

Only a person or a legal entity, such as a corporation or non-profit, can bring a lawsuit, said the attorney, not an amorphous subject like “We the People.”

“This is a stunt to grab attention so the media writes about it,” said the attorney, who said any lawyer who files a frivolous lawsuit can be prosecuted. “They want to get the media to write about their unsupported allegations.”

No attorneys are mentioned in the complaint. There’s only Craig Kellstrom, who brought the document to Melissa A. Thomas in Sussex County, N.J., who notarized the complaint, signing under her statement, “I swear that on the 9(th) day of February 2022, the above-named Affiant/Declarant, Craig Kellstrom personally appeared before me, and of his/her own free will, signed and executed this criminal complaint.”

“There’s no person representing anyone, so how is the judge going to rule?” said the anonymous attorney. “There’s no named person, who is going to present the case?”