Pa. sees 25 percent jump in 2014 cases of Lyme disease

| 15 Jun 2015 | 02:31

HARRISBURG (AP) — Pennsylvania public health officials say the number of reported Lyme disease cases is on the rise and they're asking people to do more to protect themselves against the tick-borne illness.

The Health Department announced June 10 that state recorded 7,400 cases of Lyme disease last year. That's up from 5,900 in 2013.

Authorities attribute at least part of the increase to greater public awareness, improved reporting and better monitoring, particularly in the Pittsburgh area.

Deer ticks spread Lyme disease, which can cause fever, fatigue, headache and sore muscles and joints. A bull's-eye rash is a common early symptom.

The Health Department says Pennsylvania leads the nation in reported cases of Lyme disease.

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