Pa. to send out $224 million from gas drilling impact fee

| 15 Jun 2015 | 02:43

HARRISBURG (AP) — A fee designed to help defray the effects of natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania is providing nearly $224 million to state, county and local governments.

The Public Utility Commission announced the disbursements June 10 and said the fee has generated $855 million over four years.

The commission says checks should go out by early July.

More than half the money goes to county and municipal governments, while about $82 million is earmarked for environmental improvement programs, roadway repairs, water and sewer infrastructure upgrades and other grant programs.

The 2012 law was enacted to modernize oil and gas drilling regulations amid a drilling boom spurred in part by advances in hydraulic fracturing technology. The new disbursements are based on last year's drilling. The total is slightly below the 2013 figure.

"Impact fees may be in peril":