Penn State Scranton joins intergenerational program to enrich lives of college students and older adults

State officials gathered with program participants to explore how the program was working.

| 04 May 2022 | 03:11

Dunmore, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) was joined by students and faculty from Penn State Scranton along with older adults recently to announce the expansion of the department’s Intergenerational University Connections Program.

”Meeting in person with students, faculty, and older adults who are participating in the program highlights the positive impact the program has on everyone involved. The stories they shared and what they learned from each other and about themselves has shown how valuable this program has become,” said Secretary of Aging Robert Torres. “The feedback from the universities also gives the Department of Aging insight on what works or doesn’t work so we can improve the experience as we continue to build and expand this program.”

Speakers included: Dr. Marwan Wafa, Penn State Scranton chancellor, Robert Torres, Secretary of Aging Gabrielle Geldhof, Senior Psychology Major Jaclyn Fusik, Senior Human Development & Family Studies Major Renae McNair, Professor of Psychology Marissa Ivanko

Video of event: