Police release video footage in Shohola ATM burglary

| 28 Jul 2015 | 05:07

By Anya Tikka
State police have released video surveillance from the early morning of July 5, when a perpetrator stole the ATM machine in the lobby of Wayne Bank located at 107 Richardson Road in the township. Police are asking for the public's help in tracking down the suspect, and you can view the video at pikecountycourier.com.

According to a news release from Trooper Jason Mills at the Blooming Grove barracks, the suspect is a white male in his late-20s, 5-feet-10-inches to 6-feet tall, weighing 150 to 170 pounds. The perpetrator was driving a four-door, dark red SUV, possibly a GMC Jimmy or Chevrolet Trailblazer.

According to the release from the Pennsylvania Criminal Investigation Unit, the video shows that the suspect wrapped a metal chain around the ATM machine inside an unsecured lobby of the bank.

He then hooked the chain to his vehicle and pulled the ATM machine off its secured base, dragging it from the foyer onto Richardson Road. From there, according to police, he drove around the block, returned, and loaded the ATM machine into his vehicle and fled the area, at about 2:15 a.m.

Bank's Response
According to Eli Tomlinson, vice president of information technology for the bank, which is headquartered in Honesdale, he isn't able to provide many details because state police are conducting an investigation. However, Tomlinson did tell The Pike County Courier that it's uncertain whether the ATM machine will be replaced in Shohola. He said that the stolen ATM was manufactured by Triton, and if a new one is installed, it will be purchased from a different manufacturer.

Additionally, Tomlinson said that the bank has taken no new safety precautions since the incident.

"We did research after the theft, and there have been no incidents in recent past in other Wayne Bank branches,” Tomlinson said. “The machine in Shohola was much smaller than the ATM machines in our other locations. The type of theft that occurred is not likely to happen in other locations.”

Wayne Bank customers and others who use the ATM machine now have to either bank during regular hours or drive for miles for cash. “We're part of the Moneypass network, so anyone who has a Wayne Bank card can use ATMs in other banks that are part of Moneypass without being charged a surcharge," Tomlinson said.

Other ATM Options
The nearest locations for Moneypass ATM machines are at the Milford Wayne Bank, Walmart in Milford and Kmart in Matamoras, about 12 miles away. Going in the other direction, the Honesdale branch of Wayne Bank, Walmart and Kmart are about 17 miles away. On the New York side, the nearest Moneypass ATM is located at PNC Bank in Middletown, about 25 miles away.

As to how much money was taken by the burglar, “I'm not allowed to answer that,” Tomlinson said.

Mills said that the state police are continuing to investigate leads. “We're following leads possibly matching the description. They were forwarded to us via phone and email. We don't have a person in interest or the vehicle ID at this point,” he told The Pike County Courier.

Anybody with information regarding this crime is asked to call the Criminal Investigation Unit at 570-226-5718.