Raise your right hand — and strum

| 18 Jun 2015 | 09:24

It took Ray Wehner two years to learn to play right-handed guitar, but he did it. He celebrated by singing his mom’s favorite song, Jim Reeves' "Four Walls" ("Out where the bright lights are glowing / You're drawn like a moth to a flame / You laugh while the wine's overflowing / While I sit and whisper your name"). Wehner recently joined six other musicians to raise funds — a total of $1,900 — for Delaware Valley School’s Odyssey of the Mind. Wehner, 75, is proud to say he passed muster in an audition playing Hank Williams tunes. He plays solo for free and his own happiness most days in Milford Borough. Three of his six children live in the area. He has 17 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Play on, Ray!75 years young going on 55 best describes right-handed guitar player Ray Wehner. (By Frances Ruth Harris)