Thief with high-end taste robs Milford consignment shop

Milford. Yvonne Denaro of This N That Consignment Shop said the thief took the best antiques and other vintage items, with a total value of more than $18,000.

| 23 Mar 2022 | 06:58

The thief knew what to take from Yvonne Denaro’s This N That Consignment Shop in Milford Borough.

First the robber tried to enter through the Smoke Shop, but the metal gate was locked, then made quick access through the consignment shop’s door, where the gate had been left unlocked.

Denaro believes the thief was prepared, and had come to the shop before the robbery. The thief took only high-end antiques and other vintage items with a total value of more than $18,000, Denaro said.

The merchandise is uninsured.

What was stolen is fundamental to Denaro’s business: exquisite antique silver and gold jewelry, switchblades, knives, buckles, Swarovski and Waterford crystal, and much more.

The thief was quick, coming and going before police patrols could spot the crime in progress.

Manhar Patel had a camera covering his Smoke Shop and caught the thief on video, at 3 a.m. on Sunday, March 13. He told the Courier that the video caught only the back side of the robber.

The state police took the video and are investigating the theft.