UPDATED: Pike primary election results

Election. The incumbent county commissioners won handily over their challengers in the Republican primary. And the field of 11 school board candidates got much less competitive for the general election this November.

| 17 May 2023 | 11:02

Editor’s note: The following vote tallies have been updated from the unofficial results posted on election night.

Incumbents Matthew Osterberg and Ron Schmalzle won handily over their challengers in Tuesday’s Republican primary in Pike County.

In the general election this November, they will face Democrats Karen Haycox and incumbent R. Anthony Waldron, who were unchallenged in the Democratic primary Tuesday.

The race for Delaware Valley school board attracted 11 candidates running for five open seats. Most of these candidates ran in both the Republican and Democratic primaries.

Former school board member Rosemary Walsh, who lost her seat when running for re-election in 2021, when Covid safety restrictions was the main point of contention among candidates, was the top vote-getter this time around, with 1,471 votes in the Democratic primary and 890 in the Republican primary. She is followed by incumbent Brian Carso, who won 1,320 votes in the Democratic primary and 782 in the Republican primary.

Three candidates -- Dawn Bukaj, Jack Fisher, and Christine Agron -- made the cut to run on both the Republican and Democratic lines this November.

The Republican slate for November is, in order of votes received: Bukaj, Fisher, Agron, Brian Fells, and Carl Will. The Democratic slate includes Walsh, Carso, Fisher, Agron, and Bukaj.

The total votes cast for school board was 12,379 in the Republican primary and 5,632 in the Democratic primary.

In the race for Dingman Township supervisor, Thomas Mincer won with 611 votes over challenger Cal Damon, with 390 votes.

Commissioners, GOP
Matthew M. Osterberg 3,226
Ronald R. Schmalzle 2,876
Bob Roche 1,664
Matthew Contreras 1,631
Delaware Valley school board, GOP
Dawn Bukaj 1,480
John Jack Fisher 1,396
Christine Agron 1,374
Brian Fells 1,313
Carl Will 1,236
Theresa Brown 1,145
Rosemary A. Walsh 890
Dorit Smith 952
Joel Messaros 907
Joe Washington 904
Brian Carso 782
Delaware Valley school board, DEM
Rosemary A. Walsh 1,471
Brian Carso 1,320
John Jack Fisher 534
Christine Agron 477
Dawn Bukaj 463
Brian Fells 438
Theresa Brown 429
Dorit Smith 264
Joel Messaros 236