New CT scan up and running

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:58

HONESDALE - “It’s fast!” says Michelle Murray. “The image quality is amazing,” adds Doug Buchinski, “it’s great!” The CT Technologists at Wayne Memorial Hospital are talking about a new state-of-the-art CT scan now up and running in the Hospital’s Radiology Department. Wayne Memorial is one of only three area medical centers to have this new 64-slice CT, Computed Tomography, technology. Just how fast and amazing is it? “The average time for a CT Scan has been cut back from approximately five minutes to 20 seconds or less,” explains Department Manager Rob Brzuchalski, CRA, RT, RDMS. “This CT can capture images of a beating heart in just five heartbeats. Patients don’t have to hold their breath anywhere near as long as they do with conventional CT scans.” The speed of the CT and its 64 slices—a “slice” is a cross-section of the body being x-rayed by the CT—also mean Wayne Memorial can now offer advanced imaging services. “This unit allows us to do cardiac imaging, as well as other specialized programs such as CT angiography and virtual colonoscopies,” Brzuchalski adds. The new CT, which arrived at Wayne Memorial in early June, has been called “cutting edge” and “revolutionary” by numerous media outlets. ABC News reported that it could “revolutionize heart disease diagnoses.” The manufacturer of the unit at Wayne Memorial, GE Healthcare, specially trained CT Techs Buchinski and Murray on the new system.