New property tax proposal passes Pennsylvania House

| 29 Sep 2011 | 07:56

    HARRISBURG - State Rep. John Siptroth, D-Monroe/Pike, reported that a plan he supported to bring property tax relief to the 189th Legislative District passed in the House on Dec. 20 and has moved to the Senate for consideration. In a statement, Siptroth said the plan passed on a bipartisan basis largely through negotiations on the part of both Democrats and Republicans. Siptroth said he had encouraged Democratic leaders to review the proposal and to launch a dialogue with the majority party’s leadership. “I, along with many of my colleagues, know the critical nature of reducing property taxes. Homeowners across the state need it, and frankly, are demanding it - that is especially true in northeastern Pennsylvania,” Siptroth said. The proposal was added as an amendment to a Senate tax reform bill, Siptroth said. The plan would offer tax relief next year through a small expansion in the sales and use tax, though still excluding food and clothing, and a slight increase in the personal income tax. It also would employ slots revenue resulting from gaming in Pennsylvania. Siptroth said local residents would see nearly a 40 percent reduction in their property taxes. “Property owners have waited too long for this burden to be lifted and I endorsed this proposal so that homeowners can see real relief beginning next year. I hope the Senate truly considers this plan and passes it for all Pennsylvania homeowners,” he said.