No perc tests mean no project approval for Eagle Ridge Estates

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:06

    DINGMAN - State law requiring soil percolation tests that are unnecessary for newer type septic systems stands in the way of approval for the Estates at Eagle Ridge. Based on that law, the Dingman Township Planning Commission on Wednesday had to recommend to the board of supervisors a project denial for the 39 home subdivision , on Buist Road, near the Route I-84/6 intersection. Road access for the subdivision and neighbors objections to new traffic has provided controversy recently, but the developer’s failure to complete the septic documentation provided an apparent blow for their hopes of an early approval. Chris Woods, Town Sewage Enforcement Officer, told the planning commission that the type of septic systems that are planned in the subdivision do not require septic “perc” tests. Woods said, but “The law requires perc tests for all septic systems.” He also said “even though the septic systems planned for the subdivision don’t need perc tests the fact is that there is a law that requires this. Since the developers have not done the perc tests I have checked the box on the application that states that ‘insufficient testing has been done.” The Department of Environmental Protection has a good relationship with the septic system and would change their policy regarding the tests for these systems, but the DEP cannot make a policy that violates the law. “The law is the law,” Woods said. Woods said the new systems are appropriate for the developer’s plans, but the requirement remains and no perc tests have been done and the principals of the septic company have known about the problem since last April. Mike Weeks, town engineer, said, “I was not aware that we had to take action on this matter tonight due to the fact that the supervisors have to deny or approve the application at their next meeting. Based on what Chris Woods has told us it appears you have to recommend denial of the approval of the septic systems.” Woods told the commission, “The DEP is intending to change their regulation a second time requiring perc test regarding these newer systems and adapt the change to work within the law, but this has not been done yet.” A motion was made to recommend denial of the application, which will be sent on to the board of supervisors, who meet next Tuesday.