No tax increase in new Milford budget

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:03

    MILFORD - Township officials earlier this month completed Milford’s proposed $418,586 expense budget for 2006. Township Secretary-Treasurer Viola Canouse said that the new budget will not prompt any increase in the existing eight mill tax rate. Other than predictable increases for insurance and fuel, Milford’s biggest new expense is the first $12,687 payment on a $100,000 loan taken to help fund newly completed repairs on Chippy Cole Road. In addition to paving and ditching the $200,000 project involved installation of new culverts along its length. Canouse said Milford plans to repay the ten year loan early. The other notable increase for the new year, more than $24,000, was in the Health and Safety budget, which will rise to $118,240. Canouse said the increase has been spurred by ongoing permit review and oversight for new development in the township. The township supervisors are expected to finalize the new budget at their Nov.22 meeting.