No watershed decision

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:07

    MILFORD - Township supervisors said Monday that the township’s planner, Tom Shepstone has yet to make a recommendation about supporting a watershed plan for the Sawkill/Vandermark Creek. The Pike County Office of Community Planning had forwarded the draft plan to the township earlier this month, The resolution called for approval based on the plan’s having been “reviewed and found acceptable,” by the county commissioners, but Township Solicitor Doug Jacobs noted that no one in the township had read the document, which the township was now being asked to endorse and “take appropriate action to implement.” The supervisors also sounded uncertain about language in a cover letter, which said the plan would protect natural resources “from degradation associated with land development and sprawl.” Milford is Pike’s smallest township in land acreage and protected state and federal lands already cover almost 38 percent of its property. Supervisor Gary Williams said he expected a recommendation from Shepstone, who is also working on the joint update of township and borough comprehensive plans. With construction of an extension of Milford Borough’s water supply along the Route 6/209 corridor to get underway this summer, the borough has asked that planning measures be updated to focus development along the corridor. Williams said Shepstone and borough planner Carson Helfrich were scheduled to meet regarding the plan this past week.