Oakes returns to United Way

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:35

MILFORD - President Mike Peifer has announced that Lee Oakes has rejoined the Pike United Way Board of Directors after an absence of more than a year. “Lee was founding president of this organization and contributed greatly to its development” Peifer said. “When she was required to step down because of term limits, we were looking forward to the time when she could return. We are pleased that she has done so.” Lee Oakes is also a trustee of the Wayne Memorial Health System and Wayne Memorial Hospital, and a board member of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce, the Pike County Industrial Development Corp., and the Pike County Interagency Council. She has been active in the Kindred Spirits program that brings chamber music programs to our community and its schools. She was a longtime member and leader in the Pike County Visioning Process. She chairs the Finance Committee at Hemlock Farms, and serves on various ad hoc committees there. It will be very helpful to us to again be able to draw upon the kind of expertise these experiences, and her longtime career in advertising have given her. Oakes said, “Happily, when I was eligible to return, Pike United Way had a place for me. Upon attending my first board meeting a short time ago, it was immediately clear that, under the leadership of Mike Peifer, the organization has grown, matured, addressed new and important community priorities and identified new challenges. I’m looking forward to being part of the organization’s future growth.” For information about Pike County United Way call toll free 1-888-306-6963 or 570-296-9980.