Penn DOT reclaims flooded highways

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:03

    DUNMORE - Penn DOT highway crews have reduced the number of flood-related road closings throughout the six counties served by District 4 from approximately 171 to 38. The agency hopes to reduce closures to around 30 by week’s end. In Pike, two state roads remain closed, Delaware Drive in Westfall and the Towpath, state Route 4006, in Lackawaxen. Work is ongoing on both. Penn DOT expects to reopen the Towpath within two weeks. An agency spokesperson said emergency contracts continue to be awarded in order to reopen roadways and bridges quickly in the region. In total, there were 23 bridges affected by the flood in District 4. Approximately half of the closed bridges will be temporarily reopened. Last week, Penn DOT sent 12 additional Mobile Emergency Teams from around the state to provide supplemental aid.