Privacy issues

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:21

    Milford - Does a floor mat in the classroom provide enough privacy to change the underwear of an incontinent special education student? Parent, Rebecca Corless says it does not and insists that Delaware Valley has allowed one student to undergo the process for more than a year. Corless says she asked Superintendent Dr. Candis Finan to correct the problem a year ago and nothing has happened. Finan says she leaves no untended issues for more than a year. “She may have brought it up. We have a number of students in this category... No other population in the school is better protected.” Finan said the district’s standards are in compliance with accredidation standards and the child’s parents are aware of them. Corless suggested a partial hospitalization space, but Finan says the spaced-pressed district simply does not have room for such a space. Finan discounted use of a modular room, recalling the winter snow-load roof collapse in a modular classroom back in the 1980’s. Following the exchange at the March 16 school board meeting, Board Member Pam Lutfy said she recalled Corless concerns and would look into it further.