Quick renews township labors

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:35

MILFORD - Milford Township’s two remaining Supervisors last week filled the board’s empty third seat with a familiar name in appointing Don Quick. Quick, who owns his own business in the township, Architectural Iron, has twice been elected to his newly appointed job. Quick will serve through next year, when, if he decides to run, he would face election for the remainder of Scott Fean’s six-year term. Quick has been involved in township government since 1985, serving as a member and chair of the zoning hearing board, as a planning commission member and supervisor. First elected supervisor in 1995, he served six terms as the board’s chair, was re-elected in 2001, but resigned the following year. Later, Quick made an unsuccessful primary run for district magistrate in 2005. Attending his first regular session on Oct. 2, Quick admitted he had been away from zoning issues a long time. He was asked to comment after Zoning Officer Russ Currant asked for a section-by-section board review of the ordinance, to find and identify typographical errors. “Sometimes, an ‘and’ instead of an ‘or’ makes a big difference,” Currant said. Currant said he has asked consultant Tom Shepstone for a corrected copy but Shepstone, “insists this copy is workable,” Currant said. The supervisors also approved Quick’s resolution opposing a state proposal to take over local cable TV franchising. Milford received $6,700 in franchise fees this year from Blue Ridge Cable TV.