Rain, record flooding pound the area

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:58

MILFORD - It was nasty, but it could have been a lot worse, Pike County’s director of Emergency Management summarized about the flooding of June 27 and 28. Roger Maltby said Pike received anywhere from 3 ½” to 6” of rainfall. Heavy rains this week prompted a third consecutive year of record flooding in the Upper Delaware River Valley. Intermittent, recurring and soaking rainfall locally combined with heavy runoff in the upstream watershed and caused reported flood damage from Lackawaxen to Westfall by press time. One person reportedly died in a flood related incident in Equinunk in Wayne County, but Maltby said there were no injuries reported in Pike County Maltby, told the Courier that Matamoras was issued mandatory evacuation orders and Westfall had been issued voluntary evacuation orders on Tuesday. By Wednesday, voluntary became mandatory evacuation for hundreds of residents at the Milford Landing development. Two rounds of voluntary requests were followed by a one-hour deadline, which was followed by the appearance of an amphibious vehicle to remove any stragglers. U.S. Route 6/209 was shutdown and the Matamoras ramps off State Route 84 were closed by highway department and fire emergency vehicles as well. The big-box stores along 6/209 three-lane were closed and the lot at Lowes was termed “Lake Lowes” by some residents as it filled with river water. Shopping carts were almost completely submerged. New concerns rose Tuesday night and Wednesday morning as more rain increased flood crest estimates, Maltby said. But the new crests never materialized and high waters passed hours earlier and several feet lower than predicted. “The Delaware River north of us has finally stabilized and that is a relief,” he said. Maltby said several things “helped tremendously”. First, that the higher crests were avoided; and that waters around Matamoras receded faster than predicted. He also credited PPL at Lake Wallenpaupack, where some 45,000 acre-feet of stormwater was withheld, despite ongoing dam releases. projecting 23.5 24.5, midnight actually, 8 p.m., Wed. 21.5 helped tremendously, other intitial estimates, w/ revised. not expected to recede until this evening and has by morning. Strange thigs up and down. L crested in Hawley, showing decline. Still dumping at dam. and will con’t 1191’ down 7400cfs, 1188.5 by weekend. normal level 1185. was at 1193. Rose over 7’ relying on amat radio and ema people Same as 4/05, didn’t have Nev., what efect ground sat. didn’t do the same, flooded differently. quick run through last area, haven’t heard. Westf. 05, 1’ pd. many , lowes, mall ml. changes, don’t remember ML, HD, don’t know about 590 and Tow path. Glen Aire, bridge. not that we’re aware of. Rendell did, damage assess figs.