Raising funds for teen safety

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:36

MILFORD - In 2000, Pike County joined the national effort of the American Academy of Pediatrics in reviewing child deaths to make recommendations for the prevention of future child deaths and to promote the health and safety of children. The Pike County Child Death Review Team is comprised of members from state and local government, health care, transportation, and social services and emergency response. The mission of the team is to identify preventable child deaths and through it’s various Professions initiate positive change in a timely manner for the well being of children. The Pike County team has reviewed several teen deaths that occurred in motor vehicle accidents in Pike County. They have agreed that the best way to prevent this type of death is education. The team is collaborating with the Delaware Valley School District to purchase a “Skid Monster”. This device will be used in Driver’s Education Classes to demonstrate the effects of speeding into curves and turns and to teach students techniques, such as evasive steering and off-road recovery, to control a vehicle. The cost of purchasing the equipment and instructor’s training is approximately $15,000. “Since this team has no financial support, we are asking the community to help to raise the money needed for this very worthy cause,” said Coroner Kevin Stroyan. “Any contribution that you can make would be greatly appreciated. We feel that this can significantly reduce the number of teens in motor vehicle accidents, thereby reducing the number of teen deaths,” he added. Anyone wishing to make a contribution can send donations to Kevin Stroyan, 405 W. Harford Street, Milford, PA 18337. Checks should be made payable to The Pike County Alliance for Prevention Program. For more information, call Stroyan at 570-296-6811.