Rotary distributes dictionaries at Delaware Valley Elementary

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:04

WESTFALL - Third grade children received a special gift from the Milford/Matamoras Rotary Club. This special gift is a dictionary of their very own. The school’s DVE-TV crew interviewed the Rotary representatives, and then the guests visited each third grade. “We are thrilled by this generous donation to the children,” said Principal Sonya K. Cole. Student Aspen Navarte of Mrs. Kathy Thompson’s Third Grade wrote: “We Love Our Dictionaries! A special group called The Rotary brought dictionaries for all of the third graders at Delaware Valley Elementary School. When I got my dictionary I looked through it. Mrs. Thompson said to look in the back. I looked in the back and I saw the longest word in our language. Nick and I couldn’t say it. We didn’t think it was a word. Then I saw pages 421 to 445. Did you know that 35,116,033 people live in California? When I heard that only third grades were getting dictionaries, I said, ‘Yes!’ Thank you, Rotary Club members! We love our dictionaries!”