School district to buy farm

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:31

After 10 months of public speculation, the Delaware Valley School Board was expected to finalize the terms for the purchase of Julio Santos’ farm, pictured above, on Sept. 21. Last week, in scheduling a special meeting to conclude the purchase of “a property cited in an earlier resolution,” the property was not identified by name, but Board President Sue Casey admitted, “We’ve only ever mentioned one property in a resolution.” Board Vice-Chairman John Wroblewski called the impending purchase “the worst kept secret in Pike County.” The 121-acre tract is off the U.S. Route 6/209 three-lane, just outside the Borough of Milford. The property includes both sides of the highway and extends to the Delaware River. The purchase would be in addition to the $2.2 million, July purchase of a 331-acre tract opposite the Dingman-Delaware campus. Board members in the growing district anticipate expansion, but say there are no immediate plans for either site. (Photo by David Hulse)