Sherwood brings home the bacon

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:31

MILFORD - Congressman Don Sherwood appeared in Milford Monday to announce a total of $75,000 in federal funding for two projects in the borough. Funding included $50,000 to the Milford Enhancement Committee for continued improvements to the streetscape of the business district and $25,000 to the Milford Shade Tree Commission for its ongoing Save the Milford Forest project. Enhancement funding will go toward planned improvements on East Harford Street. Shade Tree money will help remove hazardous trees and young trees will be systematically pruned for structure and clearance. An additional 40 trees will be planted, and the Commission’s citizen education effort will continue. Sherwood, a four-term incumbent Republican has helped provide $586,000 for these Milford projects since 1998. The Milford Enhancement Committee has received seven prior grants totaling $466,000. The Milford Shade Tree Commission has won grants totaling $120,000. Sherwood is seeking re-election this fall, facing Democrat challenger Chris Carney. A “Majority Watch” poll conducted earlier this month among 1,000 district voters showed Carney leading by seven points.