Six competed at state symposium

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:28

WESTFALL - Six Delaware Valley High School students attended the Pennsylvania Junior Science and Humanities Symposium on March 26-28, at Penn State, main campus, where they explained their long-term projects and results in fifteen-minute presentations. Accompanied by high school biology Teacher, Mark Nebzydoski, six students included senior, Kristyn Gumpper, sophomore, Samantha Mascia, senior, Jasper Schneider, junior, Skyler Schneider, sophomore, Anthony Testino, and senior Jordan Zeeb. Skyler Schneider received a first place award in the Mathematics and Computer Science category for his project, “Modular Fractals in Pascal’s Triangle,” in which he amazed judges with his comparisons between cauliflower and fractals found in Pascal’s Triangle. After their presentations, the students were also given tours of different buildings on campus to learn about the various science-related studies the university supported. Included was a tour of the new Information and Science Technology building. All of the students that participated in the competition are students currently enrolled in the Integrated Math/Science Honors Block Program at Delaware Valley High School. See for more information on the program.