Boys break volleyball gender line

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:15

WESTFALL - Volleyball enthusiasts have been pleased at the addition of a boys volleyball team to Delaware Valley High School sports. Stephan Rhule, physics teacher in the high school, will coach the team in its first season. An interview with him on the second day of his coaching career, as well as the second day of practice for the young team, revealed a large amount of uncertainty as to how the team will perform this upcoming season. So far, sixteen boys are practicing with the team, but that number is expected to stay around twenty during the season. The team will play in fifteen league games this season, though technically they cannot become part of the league until next year. Rhule said he hopes that the team has a good time and a lot of fun this season. Though admitting they are disadvantaged because of their inexperience, Rhule will only acknowledge a defeat if they do not try their best, because “that is all that matters.” One of the main goals this season, according to Rhule, is for the team to look back on it and be proud of what they did. With an optimistic outlook, Rhule plans on pushing the team to their fullest potential. As most athletes are fully aware, this means practice, and more practice, he said. The team’s practices are five days a week from 3 to 6 p.m. Rhule said the first week will concentrate on conditioning and basic skills. By the second week, he hopes to be positioning people where they will most benefit the team. Rhule will develop an offense and defense strategy by the third week, in time for their first game on April 4. The three managers, all former varsity girls volleyball team members, are lending a helping hand in getting the group prepared. “We seem to have the potential to be a good team, we just need practice,” added Timothy Giliberti, junior member of the new team.