Boys’, girls’ basketball teams outplay their competitors

Milford. While the girls’ team beat Port, the boys beat Minisink Valley.

| 03 Jan 2024 | 03:41

The holiday season tournaments are in full swing. In game one the Delaware Valley girls’ basketball team smoked Port Jervis 51-16. These Delaware Valley girls are so improved over last year that it is stunning. We have a new varsity coach this year in Mikaela Smith and these girls are pumped up and working hard, thus the results are astounding. And a reminder, there is only one senior on the squad. The rest are underclassmen and one is the super freshman Amanda Aragona, who we will have the pleasure of watching three more years after this season.

So here is how the scoring went. Amanda Aragona pumped in 22 points. Keira Lazzaro put in 6, Krystina Orby and Jordan Dickerson both had 5 points, while Riley Newton and Riley Byrd both had 3, followed by Ciara Newton, Brianna Waldron and Rainna Carr each with 2, and Lily Cosentino with 1.

Great job girls. Keep up the terrific work!

The boys’ basketball team played Minisink Valley and they had a great game too. Tyler Lombardo was red hot. He even drilled a long distance 3-point shot at the buzzer, ending the first period with Delaware Valley up 15-10.

Unfortunately, Lombardo drew two early fouls and sat on the bench for the entire second period so Delaware Valley ended the half up 29-24.

When the second half started, Lombardo who had chilled on the bench for a whole period, needed a minute or two to find his range again, but when he did it was beautiful to watch.

This is the third game when I heard the opposing coach yell at his players to cover and smother Lombardo because he was so dominant. He seems to improve at every game and it’s not just me, the other coaches obviously see it too.

With Lombardo back, Delaware Valley was again able to assert itself. They were taking leads of 17, 18, 19 and 22 points. The third period ended with Delaware Valley up 52-30.

In the final period with Delaware Valley up by 25 points, the benches cleared for both teams.

In this period there were still some spectacular plays. Anthony LaRocco was all over the floor and even made an amazing and seemingly impossible layup and was fouled in the process. Yep he put in the foul shot too.

Tyler Bird put in a pretty tap-in shot. Throughout the game Nick Jorgensen popped in several threes. He and Jackson Corrie are both such fine and steady players that do so many good things to complement this team that they are a pleasure to watch.

They are not alone. This entire team is well balanced with comparable players who show up every night, then they put in a good game every time.

The result is that Delaware Valley wins it by a score of 68-45 while holding the ball at the end, seeing no need to pile it on. That’s good sportsmanship there, guys.

The scoring went like this. Lombardo had 17, Nick Jorgensen and Isiah Berrios had 10, Jackson Corrie had 9, and Tommy Parker had 7. Anthony LaRocco scored 5 in less than one period of play, along with 3 by Alex Calvario and 2 by Colin McGarvey.