Comets spell Armageddon for Warriors

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

CLARKS SUMMIT - The most hyped game of the season, between the two undefeated Lackawanna league teams Delaware Valley and Abington Heights, resulted in a devastating blow for the DV Warriors. With a final score of 21-6, the Oct. 29 matchup was no close game either. After about 48 minutes of intense play the game was over - just as the Warriors’ undefeated string which stemmed back to last season. The big crowd for the game was compounded by the fact it was Homecoming for the Comets and the crowd overflowed to the surrounding hill that overlooks the field. It was a typical autumn day at the Comets’ stadium in Clarks Summit. Massed media was on hand for the coverage of the 1 p.m. kickoff. Essentially the game was a battle between a number one defense and a number one offense. Delaware Valley’s prominent offense was hurt with the injury absense of their tailback, Frankie Colleta. Their defense too also lost another player to an ailment, 306 lb. defensive lineman, Trevis Romer. The Comets’ exploited the hole in DV’s defense twice in the first half of the game, completing two passes into the end zone. Coming out of halftime losing by 14 points, the Warrior offense picked up momentum. Halfway through the 3rd quarter, Kenny Domzalski appeared to have the fist touchdown of the game for DV. The crowd went wild on the visitor side of the field, including the DV band which traveled to its first away game, as the referees kept them waiting in suspense as they determined possession of the ball. They ruled that Domzalski fumbled. Pat Casey shared recovery of the ball with a Comet defense player, according to the rules Casey was credited with the touchdown. The extra point was blocked. The outcome of the game was sealed when Abington Heights scored again, what was to be the final touchdown. Despite the painful loss, the 8-1 Warriors will still go on to play in districts.