Delaware Valley falls short against E. Stroudsburg North

Milford. The final score was 71-53 East.

| 03 Jan 2024 | 04:22

Before I start with the finals of the holiday tournament, I have to make a correction. In the East Stroudsburg South vs Delaware Valley game, I gave Tommy Parker’s 12 points to Jaxon Barbilach. Tommy had the 12 points. My apologies to both families.

Ok. The first game was between Port Jervis and Minisink Valley. Port hung tough in the first half. They were up 17-11 in the first period, but were down 24-26 at the half. In the third period they were still hanging in there and the third period it was 38-36 Minisink.

The fourth period was not kind to Port; the game ended with Minisink winning 53-46. In all fairness to Port their star player Isaiah Boucher, who scored 50 points in a previous game, was out with an injury.

Next up in the tournament was East Stroudsburg North vs. Delaware Valley. East Stroudsburg North is flat out lightning fast. The second that any one of their players touches the ball, they are jettison right to the basket for the score. They came out tough and closed the period 20-15 East Stroudsburg North.

They even tied it up all in the second period but couldn’t hold on to it, so the half ended with East up 35-30.

So in the first half Delaware Valley was forced to play lightning basketball. They managed it well but in order to stay with these sprinters from East Stroudsburg North, Delaware Valley would have to play flawless and score in every possession.

The third period would not develop along those lines. Delaware Valley came out running but couldn’t make a shot for most of the period. Even their most sure shooters couldn’t make a basket. So, East was running away with the game at this point. The abysmal period ended with East leaving no doubt who was going to win this. They were up 60-36.

Early in the fourth it was apparent what the outcome would be so everyone got into the game. The final score was 71-53 East.

Here is the scoring results for Delaware Valley. Isaiah Berrios and Tommy Parker both had 12 points. Tyler Lombardo had 13. The Delaware Valley player that stuck out in my mind, that was determined to stick with the East Stroudsburg North, kids, was Isaiah Berrios. Although it’s not really his style to run like East was, he gave it all he had. Lombardo stepped it up too, as did Nick Jorgensen and Jackson Corrie. However, if they had scored with their usual proficiency, this would have been a close game.