Delaware Valley football team rallies to shut out Pittston

Pittston. Despite playing on their opponents’ turf, Delaware Valley won 41-0.

| 08 Nov 2022 | 02:38

Well, will wonders never cease. Why in the the world would I say that? Well, because of the thumping that Delaware Valley took at the hands of the Abington Heights football team, I feared that the team may have just rolled over and decided to mail in the rest of the season.

I knew that was not like any D.V. team in any sport that I ever watched so I hoped that it would be a jolting wake up call for the team who just appeared to have not shown up for the Abington game.

Now guess what. The loss meant that D.V. would have to travel for the playoff games instead of being at home. This can prove to be a major disadvantage in games with such enormous consequences, but it was not.

D.V. came out and played like the powerhouse that they are and like the powerhouse that I knew they can be. They totally dismantled a very good Pittston team by the very impressive score of 41-0. D.V. clicked on all cylinders.

Here are some vital statistics of the players who are top performers for D.V.

Jayden Ramirez, 46 receiving yards per game.

Aiden Black, 38 receiving yards per game.

Paulie Weinrich, average 101 yards on the ground per game.

Ryder Machado, 50 yards per game.

Tackles per game: Justin Kalitsnik, 11; Kolton Handy and Ryder Machado picking up 9.

Interceptions: Ryder Machado and brother Landon Machado can produce 4 and 3 per game respectively.

Everett Bell had 26 touchdowns this year.

Aiden Black can be counted on for 5 sacks per game.

And the quarterback position looked solid with Junior Tyler Bird and sophomore Logan Olsommer.

So the football season continues with a playoff game at Scranton, which is a team that D.V. already beat once this year in the regular season. However that means absolutely nothing come next week. As I look over the playoffs this year in our region, teams that beat other teams in the regular season have lost some playoff games to those same teams. It is very tough to beat a team twice. They have seen your game and can prepare well for you in the next game. Scranton is very good team and it will take a complete game by D.V. to beat them again.

If the D.V. team that crushed Pittston shows up against Scranton then another victory should be expected.

Teams that beat other teams in the regular season have lost some playoff games to those same teams . It is very tough to beat a team twice.