Delaware Valley girls’ basketball loses to Abington Heights

Milford. The final score was 68-30 Abington Heights for the varsity teams.

| 17 Jan 2024 | 04:31

After Wallenpaupack defeated Delaware Valley girls’ basketball teams, Abington Heights did the same thing but in devastating fashion.

Abington defeated the Delaware Valley girls’ varsity basketball team 68-30. That pretty much says it all but for some reference here they also defeated Valley View, who was supposed to be a very good team. Abington is rated #5 in the state.

The JV team also lost to Abington 44-30. This was the best showing against an Abington team out of the bunch. The JV girls hung tough in the first period but from then on it slowly began to slip away and they could never catch up.

Delaware Valley’s high scorer was Rainna Carr with 9 points.

The varsity girls never had a chance. They scored the first basket and made it look so easy that I thought that they might breeze through this, but no. This was never a contest.

Abington was tall, fast, strong and precise. They pulled down most of the rebounds, blocked or stole the ball on most inside attempts by Delaware Valley and they hit their open girl who made most of the shots. I thought that Delaware Valley should have just stayed outside and pump up 3-point shots. There was no way that they could get inside and it was apparent that Abington was going to win this game so what the heck. Shoot 3s. You might have hit enough to make the final score respectable.

Oh well, it’s done now.