Delaware Valley girls’ basketball loses to Lackawanna Trail

Milford. Both the JV and varsity teams fell short of a win.

| 27 Dec 2023 | 03:23

Delaware Valley girls’ basketball was on the scheduled to play Lackawanna Trail of Factoryville, Pa., last Wednesday, December 20. The girls JV team is so good that even not being at their best, they are still good enough to win.

At half time Delaware Valley. was up 20-10. At the end of the third period, Delaware Valley was up 28-14 and they wound up winning it 34-16. They weren’t as crisp as they were in previous games but they were still quite good. They didn’t score like they did against Tunkhannock but a win is a win.

A few girls that really impressed were Josie Lordi, who at one point put up a three-pointer and followed that with two, two-pointers. Hailey Westidge played solid defense and had very nice ball handling. Cecelia Dickerson also played solid defense and seemed to be on top of the ball wherever it was and in every play. Amanda Aragona is only a freshman but is, in my opinion, the most basketball-savvy and skilled player on the team. I love it when Aragona and Krystina Orby are on the court at the same time. They seem to gel together really well.

The scoring went like this: Aragona had 11, Lordi 11, Dickerson five, Orby four, Westidge two, and Makaylee Kalitsnik one.

The varsity girls were in for a rough night. They lead 7-3 when the wheels fell off the apple cart. Delaware Valley then fell behind at the end of the first period by a score of 7-11.

Lackawanna Trail would now assert itself from this point on. They had some big girls, both in height and girth, allowing them to totally control the boards. Delaware Valley just couldn’t get their hands on the ball and when they did, they couldn’t control it. It was like their hands were greased and the ball kept slipping away. They also just couldn’t make a basket. So at the half they were down 8-26.

Jordan Dickerson and Cecelia Dickerson both had good games and Amanda Aragona was her usual steady and thrilling self. Both Ciara and Reilly Newton always play well also.

So here is the scoring: Keira Lazzaro and Jordan Dickerson both scored nine points. Ciara Newton had six, Amanda Aragona had five, Reilly Newton scored four, and Leah Bird had two.

Delaware Valley managed a sudden scoring binge in the third period but they couldn’t hold Lackawanna Trail down, so the third period ended with the score of 21-36.

There was hope in the final period that Delaware Valley would break loose and keep scoring, and at the same time hold Lackawanna Trail in check, but it was not to be. In spite of some nicely blocked shots by Reilly Newton, Delaware Valley just couldn’t out rebound the bigger girls of Lackawanna Trail.

The final score was 34-46 in a valiant effort by Delaware Valley, but it just wasn’t their night. I have to say this again. When Amanda Aragona and Krystina Orby are on the court together, there seems to be a real nice flow in the game. It is just smooth how they work together. They are a pleasure to watch.

Well it’s on to the holiday tournaments now. Let’s wish them well!